Strategy - Bassaly Development
Real Estate developer based in NYC
Andy Bassaly, Tribassco,
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Bassaly Development has an established strategy of identifying undervalued neighborhoods in the New York metropolitan area.  We approach each deal with a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhood, the demographics and the demand for housing.  Our vertically integrated approach to development coupled with our extensive experience enables us to analyze deals with speed and precision.


Our expertise in zoning and design allows us to identify only the most desirable sites for development.  Each site goes through a rigorous market study and detailed financial analysis.  Each deal is selected based on the potential to add value either through repositioning or ground up development.  Built into each model is the measured downside risk that hedges against unforeseeable market adjustments.


Our success is rooted in intensive market selection, broad sourcing capabilities, comprehensive due diligence, detailed financial analysis, and timely property dispositions. Through this strategy, we have built a solid track record of financial success.